Modular Salesforce Development @Scale

Open Source Tools and Practices for a well architected Salesforce Org.

Simplify Salesforce Developer Experience at any scale

We had few sessions like this one where we talked about our approach to building modular Salesforce Orgs. We found out that if we focus on sane Software Engineering principles like modularisation, trunk based development , continuous integration and the right tooling, we can build and maintain any org at any scale, with consistency, confidence and moreover high level of quality.

What we also noticed is that if we focus on quality, speed is a by-product.

Program Steward, DX@Scale
Software Engineering Lead

What is DX@Scale?

DX@Scale is a collection of practices, open-source tools, frameworks, and practitioners built on 'collective' experience in delivering large and complex Salesforce programs. Utilizing these 'curated' practices, you can build a modular Salesforce Org that is reliable and easy to maintain.

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